Rapport Forte – Banger Racer

From unloved to banger hero

As with many cars, there was a period when they have zero value. Better to be banger raced by a banger racing professional than go out with a whimper in a crusher.

Steve “Psycho” Hemmings banger raced a Rapport Forte circa 1999 at Swaffham Raceway.

It is fair to say that the “Rapport” went out being driven by one of the greatest and most respected banger racers of the age – Steve Hemmings.

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Slightly, well considerably, off topic there really needs to be a sub-section on Steve Hemmings. Known as “psycho” in the banger racing scene due to his fearless driving style. Therefore, some videos below featuring Steve H, his trademark axe on top of car and the famous number 401 car number.

On a personal level, would like to thank Steve for putting up with all my enquiries and supplying pictures and further information on the Rapport Forte story.

Steve Hemmings - Massive crash - 2009.

Steve Hemmings retires - 2013

And then there were two

Swapped for a 4.2 litre Jaguar engine, Steve Hemmings bolted on a Jaguar front end and had some fun.

Steve "Psycho" Hemmings

Hanging up his trademark roof "axe" (all his cars had an axe pinned to roof), Steve Hemmings retired after 20 years banger racing in 2013.

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You can tell I am a Rapport Forte fan. If you have any pictures, video, anecdotes, design information... in fact anything at all regarding this car, then please get in touch. Will keep private if required.

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