Adverts, Press and Brochures

The Times - 10th November 1977

Rapport advertisement for LHD Range Rover sales - First known advert

Birmingham Daily Post - Saturday 11 August 1979

Chris Humberstone indicates collaboration with Rapport regarding Range Rover conversions.

The Birmingham Post - 24th March 1979

Rapport tie up with Turbo Torque, Allard turbocharger agent, to fit turbochargers to Range Rovers.

Rapport International company brochure - Mid to late 1979

Dated as mentions Allard Turbo.

Rapport Max All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) brochure - January 1980


Motoring News - 17th July 1980

Proof Mark Thatcher was at Brands Hatch for British Grand Prix 1980
Mark Thatcher-Sunbeam-race-Brands-Hatch-Motoring-News-170780

Brands Hatch Grand Prix Formula 1 Program - July 11th - 13th 1980

Rapport Forte Brands Hatch launch advert
British Grand Prix 1980 front cover-Rapport advert

Autosport magazine - 17th July 1980 - Page 42

Rapport Forte Brands Hatch launch press

Belfast Telegraph - 30th January 1981

Rapport International purchase Lord Lew Grades Boat Distribution business.

Rapport Metrosport brochure - Circa 1981

The brochure says Abingdon Classic Car Company, but the brochure is Rapport with stickers and marker pen used to mask Rapport information.

Rapport Metrosport advert - Circa 1981

Publication unknown

Rapport range brochure - Circa 1980

Metrosport Convertible - Ritz - Forte - Range Rover Conversions - Armalite - Bespoke featured

Brochure circa 1981

Rapport Range Rover Huntsman

Rapport Forte advert

Date and publication unknown
Rapport Forte advert

The Times - 29th May 1981

Rapport Ritz road test and most models mentioned.

What Car magazine - March 1982

Converted Metro comparison test

Rapport Range Rover Quadraporte press photograph

Publication date unknown

Rapport Range Rover Quadraporte brochure

Includes Droop Snoot version. Publication date unknown

Rapport press photograph - Circa 1981

Rapport Metrosport

Rapport Ritz Brochure

Date unknown

Illustrated London News - 1st August 1981

Rapport Ritz advert

Illustrated London News - 1st September 1981

Rapport Quadraporte advert. Note sub advert for 1981 Earls Court Motorfair.

Motorfair Earls Court program - 21st - 31st October 1981

Rapport Forte exhibit at the show without Rapport Forte mentioned.

Rapport Range Rover Excelsior brochure

Date unknown

Alternative Cars Magazine - May and June 1982

Rapport International reported to be in administration

James Bond - Octopussy - Film released 6th June 1983

Rapport Forte Huntsman used in various scenes.

Motor magazine - 4th June 1983

PMG - Rapport Forte estate road tested.

Country Life - 16th April 1981

Rapport Range Rover Quadraporte vs Dodge Ramcharger Executive

Autocar magazine - 22nd September 1979

Rapport Range Rover Turbo road test

Rapport Armalite brochure

Circa 1979

Newcastle Journal - 27th November 1980

Rapport Ritz previewed

Rapport Ritz press photograph - 10th December 1980

Location is South Side of Tower Bridge

Autocar - 13th December 1980

Rapport Ritz road test

Car magazine - 1st February 1980

Rapport Range Rover Excelsior mentioned - "Anything must look better than a camel"

Motorsport magazine - 1st July 1979

Rapport Range Rover Turbo road test.

Motorsport magazine - 1st April 1980

Ian Leaf, CEO of Rapport International, next to a Quadraporte at Geneva Motorshow 1980

Alternative Cars magazine - Winter 1979

Rapport Range Rover Excelsior badged as a Humberstone. First known mention of Rapport Forte

Motorsport magazine - 1st March 1980

Rapport Range Rover Turbo road test review summary

Rapport Forte brochure - February 1980

Only colour brochure and believed interior "mocked-up"

Rapport Forte pricelist - February 1980

Rapport Forte brochure clip - Circa 1980/81

Clipped from Rapport International range brochure

Rapport Forte brochure leaflet - Circa February 1980

Motor magazine - 15th March 1980

Rapport Range Rover Quadraporte at Geneva show

Motor Magazine - 19th December 1981

Rapport appears on manufacturers list in Motor magazine

Cars and Car Conversions Magazine - March 1980

Rapport announce Rover V8 based new 4.4 litre engine

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