Rapport Forte – Convertible

For almost forty years, the car was undiscovered.

As of 2019 the one and only Rapport Forte Convertible has been found and a restoration has started.

The only car made by factory.

  • Rapport Forte Convertible history
  • Discovered by Georg of Donni Classics (Switzerland)

    Top sleuth Georg, owner of Donni Classic Car AG of Roggliswil – www.jaguarclassic.com, discovers the car.

Interesting design features

From the option to elevate the front spoiler when lights were required to a USA inspired folding metal roof design. The Rapport Forte was innovation an,d unusual styling over a modified Jaguar XJ12L shell.

A short lived sales attempt

Launched in July 1980, by October 1981 the Rapport Forte was not included in Rapport International Motor Fair information. Early the next year Rapport International was in administration.

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You can tell I am a Rapport Forte fan. If you have any pictures, video, anecdotes, design information... in fact anything at all regarding this car, then please get in touch. Will keep private if required.

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