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Six wheels to James Bond's Octupussy

Whatever changes you wanted for your Range Rover, Rapport could provide. Believed the Queen drummer Roger Taylor had one.

Rapport Range Rover abandoned in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Pictures taken 26th July 2011 by Ahmed Mortaja.

Ahmed says he saw the car for the first time in 2011 at Al Fayha’a in Jeddah and took the pictures. The location is the traffic police detain center, where abandoned cars, or cars related to crime are taken.

The car was easily spotted from the street, because there were no high walls like they have now. You can notice that from my photo.

Ahmed informs me that he again visited the site in 2015 and the car had been removed. Looking at Google Earth history feature it appears the car was at this location from around 2009, but had certainly been removed by 2013. Current status unknown. The area is now a parking lot for Police patrol cars.

The car looks to be a combination of Rapport Quadraporte and Excelsior conversions with a Droop snoot nose.

Comparing brochures to the pictures the vehicle appears to have options (X2) 35 inch rear extension with four wheels, (22) rear air-conditioning, (24) fold down occasional seat behind driver, (8) double capacity fuel tank, (3) manual transmission, (15) wide wheels and tyres ( but no flared arches) and (20) redesigned walnut dashboard.

Purely conjecture, but the full length sunroof and rear architecture suggests the car may have had the electro-hydraulic hunting seats.

Range Rover Google map Location in Jeddah

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