H R Owen – Saluki proposal

4th December 1971 - H R Owen – Saluki proposal

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Chris Humberstone worked for H R Owen, a prestige car garage, as a salesman briefly during 1971. He proposed the “Saluki” and a number of other models, which also did not make production, to H R Owen in the 1970’s. Ultimately, H R Owen did put a Humberstone car design into production, being the Owen Sedanca.

The Saluki, as proposed to H R Owen senior board was to have gullwing doors, 2+2 seating, based on AC 428 chassis and using a mid-mounted 7-litre Ford V8 engine.

Small factoid. Saluki is a type of dog that hunts by sight and not scent.

I would like to thank X from the www.autopuzzles.com website for providing all the above information.