Humberstone Midi

30th October 1977 - Humberstone Midi

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Exhibited at the 1977 Motorfair.

In Chris Humberstone’s own words the car was “actually just a mock-up that I did for the show, and it was 99 per cent plywood. It used an Alfasud engine mounted amidships, and it was intended as a Lotus Seven-type thing. It didn’t drive, and never got anywhere.”

Referring to picture above, “That strap the girl is wearing is actually all paint. It was done by a friend of mine who did body painting. I took the stand at Motorfair, and said to a few people that as it was a commercial show, I would just be there to get work, and if they wanted to do any business there, they could use it as a base. One of them came up with this idea of body painting, using this girl called Susan Shaw. My wife was not amused!”