Owen Sedanca

13th September 1973 - Owen Sedanca

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In Chris Humberstone’s own words, he was asked to join H R Owen to sort out problems with a Rover Estate car project being handled by FLM Panelcraft. Sort of a project manager and liaison between both businesses.

The Owen Sedance began as a proposal to sell to appeal to people who would typically buy an automatic Jensen or Aston Martin. H R Owen were in the midst of swapping the Aston Martin franchise in favour of Ferrari.

The proposal was for a fastback and convertible. The coupe came along first.

The whole budget was only £8000. Williams and Pritchard were tasked with the body.

The publicity H R Owen undertook created 80 orders in a short period of time, but at the end of 1973 the middle east was caused a collapse in orders for big cars. Only three cars were built and the the Owen Sedance was canned.

Two brochures, at least, seem to have been produced. One emphasing Heron and the other SAC Design. Need to check, but think that SAC may stand for Scorpion Automobile Company. Brochures a shown below.